Off the beaten path (2012/13)
piano, violin, clarinet, cello
Commissioned by the Bright Chamber Music Festival, Oklahoma, USA and clarinet professor, Chad Burrow (University of Michigan).

Eli’s brother (2009)
violin, cello, bass trombone and flute
Commissioned by the city of Lodz, Poland for commemorative ceremonies.

Sunday Morning (2008)
violin and piano

Nationalparken (2008)
text by the poet and novelist, Knud Sørensen>
flute, viola, cello and narrator
Composed for the opening ceremonies of Danemark’s first national park.

Lullaby for Monkeys (2002)
flute with string orchestra
Premiered by the ‘Amadeus’ Chamber Orchestra, Poznan, Poland, and recorded by Radio Poland.

Niels Lynhe’s Musik (2001)
violin, cello, piano, flute, narrator and actors
Grateful acknowledgement to the JP Jacobsen Foundation, Thisted, Denmark.

Cercle à trois (1997)
flute, viola and cello
Commissioned by l’Association des Concerts à Jarzé, France.

Zhook (1997, 2000)
a musical tale for children
Commissioned by The National Flute Association, USA for its conference in Chicago and by Les Rencontres Musicales de Geneve, Switzerland.

5 Haiku (1994)
solo flute (éditions Jobert

Lullaby for Lyra (1993)
flute and sitar

Improvisations (1991)
flute, kora and dancer

Movements (1990)
flute and synthesizer

Walkman (1990)
men’s choir

Turtle Dove (1988)
flute, viola, bass clarinet, and dancer
Commissioned by Les Amis de l’Ecole Americaine, Fontainebleau, France.

The Least you could do (1988)
any two instruments

La la la (1986)
Pedagogical works for winds, strings, brass, piano, percussions, voice.

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